Friday, January 25, 2008

About Natural Healing

Most people think of healing as a process that removes all pain and discomfort from their bodies. I view the body as a means of communication. There is always a message, even if that message is to simply slow down. Thus, if our objective is to silence the body’s “communication,” the body may just pick another pain and another body part with which to deliver its message.

Most if not all illness can be traced to a negative thought. Why? First, it takes 85% of the body’s energy to hang onto a negative thought. The Course in Miracles says, pain is the effort involved in hanging onto a negative thought.

We help clients explore the negative core thoughts and conditioning creating dis-ease, and the messages the body is trying to communicate.

In my 9 years experience as an energy worker, I have found that if you don't bring to awareness the thought that is creating the disharmony, the body will just recreate the symptoms again or even create new ones. True healing brings about understanding, insight, and peace.

Rebirthing - Healing

Rebirthing is a form of physical, emotional, and spiritual purification, which employs a breathing technique that is over 1000 years old. This deceivingly simple and subtle process clears out years and even lifetimes of emotional and physical trauma, stress, and tension that is stored in the body tissues, thus blocking the body's energy channels. This blockage not only causes disease, but also blocks the body's ability to access the natural flow of joy, bliss, creativity, and intuition.

It is very common for people to notice a feeling of peace, lightness, and joy at the end of a rebirthing session. Once that blocked energy is set free and released, the body's natural ability to experience joy and aliveness is restored. After each rebirthing session, the person's energetic frequency is permanently raised to a new higher level.

Sessions: 1 1/2 to 2 hour. $108

Rebirthing Testimonials :

"After enduring 12 years of pain, all the pain disappeared and did not return after her third rebirthing session. From that moment on, she dedicated her life to sharing this ancient and powerful spiritual purification technique with the world. "
Sondra Ray,
author, speaker, and rebirther for over 20 years

"My arm was numb for over 3 weeks, despite chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage treaments, when I went for my first rebirthing session with Sondra. She asked me what feelings I was numbing out in my life. At the end of the breath session, the numbness was gone and I felt more energy in my body than I had in years."

Glendale, California

Quantum Energetics

Quantum Energetics was divinely inspired over 30 years ago. It is a powerful modality, which uses a unique “language” for determining treatment for the body. This language employs thousands of numerical codes, used with muscle testing to get “yes” or “no” answers from the body. The numerical codes have different vibrational frequencies which in turn correspond to different conditions in the body.

Unlike other alternative treatments which focus on various symptoms and complaints, QE follows a defined protocol of treatment which systematically checks and corrects all energetic imbalances in the body. This eliminates practitioner guesswork, and programs the body to create its own innate template of healing.

Sessions: $108 an hour

QE Testimonials :

“Two years after a whiplash accident and $30-40,000 for traditional care, I was still in intense pain. I could only think of living from minute to minute. QE provided me with a new option. Now I can function without pain, I’ve been given back my life.”
R.B. Colorado

“For at least 20 years, I had suffered from sciatica pain. As I progressed through the QE work, I did not even notice when the sciatic pain had disappeared. I complained of knee pain, and my practitioner asked about the sciatic pain and then I remembered it!”
R.C. San Francisco

“For over 12 years, I had three ovarian cysts the size of oranges in my lower abdomen. When I stood the pressure was so great that at times I thought my skin would tear. After receiving QE, the cysts were gone and my lower abdomen was flatter than it had been in years.”
A.M. Orange County